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Modern white marriage…

That’s my marriage

The perfect marriage for whites!

Our family has been serving 5 BLACK bulls and I have been in permanent chastity and pussy free or 8 years.

As it should be

The perfect sexual lifestyle …

elpasolace: I always like to compare my big black cock stud and…


I always like to compare my big black cock stud and my under endowed cuckold husband … why? … first, it makes me wet … second, it makes my black stud smile and fuck me all the better … and finally, because it intensifies the “cuckold” feelings of my husband … better allowing him to accept his sexual inferior cuckold status … us wives have to remember that being a cuckold means an intense cocktail of conflicting emotions … jealousy ,,, lust … love … humiliation … to name the top four … it is also important that you always intensify two conflicting or opposing feelings at the same time … like telling him lightly humiliating things, like he is small or his little dick doesn’t feel as good as a big black cock … while caressing his dick and edging him towards an orgasm, but stopping short … or telling him how much you love him and staring in his eyes … as that big black cock is making you moan and you approach orgasm … keep it conflicting and increase your hotwife powers !!!

thefemdomdiary:Now that is something I haven’t seen….


Now that is something I haven’t seen. Interesting.

There is an art to making your husband your cuckold … the hair removal is a pretty strong act … reminding him (with something like a chastity device) of how small his penis is … is pretty strong too … but when you add some pink panties … then have him dress as his regular (out of the bedroom) alpha self … you can tease him endlessly … reminding him constantly of his inferior sexual position in the hotwife … black stud … small dick cuckold … triangle … I love to go up to my husband at some fancy business party and ask him what everyone else would think about him if they knew he was shaved like a little girt, wearing pink panties, and had his little dick in a cock cage … it never fails to make him blush … he also has to be very careful at the urinal … pink and silver tend to be very noticeable … so often he can’t stand to pee like the other men, but go inside one of the stalls … it is a lot like extended foreplay and always serve to make his orgasms better …