10 ingredients for taming your sub, results guaranteed…



This post is a result of variety of questions I’ve been asked via e-mail.

Is it possible to achieve the unconditional obedience by your sub? Is it possible to shape him to fit your ideas and avoid any possible topping from the bottom?

Yes it is and these are 10 essential ingredients, like it or not.


Lock his genitals in order to restrict access. Make sure he is chaste most of the time, free only in your presence from time to time. This way, his body parts become your property and he is unable to play with himself, which ALL men do.


This might seem like unnecessary play only but it is not. It send a strong impulse to his mind about who is in charge and has unlimited freedom. Do it on regular basis.


Routines are very important, any kind of routine. To begin with, decide upon a daily routine with which he will show his respect and humility to you. Make sure there will be no skipping on routines.


This is a complete must, done on daily basis. Discipline is the most essential ingredient. He doesn’t need to “deserve it”, it is simply necessary. Find the time and the will every day.


Having and keeping his balls full will ensure his full attention towards you. It will make him beg and it will make him soft on his mind. Have you tried it for hours? No? Try it. Bigger balls equals more obedience and willingness to do anything for you.


Your sub needs to cum and he will do anything to cum. You will allow him to cum on occasion but you will also slowly take away his right to have that pleasure. Ruin his orgasms often and make him thank you. In time you could easily have him pleasure-less and without actual orgasms, up to you. Remember, an orgasm is not a right, it is a health necessity. It is not a reward either. Yours are important and only orgasms that should be cherished.


As bad as this might sound, subtle ways of humiliation are extremely effective. He needs it, he wants it. Do it. Find ways, decide up on them and act upon them. Humiliation makes him more humble.

Then humiliate some more, subtly.


Sub men like being treated like objects or toys. So that’s just what you need to do, use him for your pleasure and needs and then simply discard him. It’s a play, nothing more but it works just fine. Make sure you train yourself for such acts properly, in order not to appear silly.


Chastising your sub is the begging of emasculation. Pegging is another great way to emasculate. Make him your bitch, bring out his feminine side. Bringing out his feminine side works beautifully in favor of emasculation. Emasculation kills the ego every man has. Ego is an absolute enemy. A pair of panties will also do the trick nicely.


If you are interested in this setup, then you already know everything. However, even if you are not interested, even if any kind of cheating repulses you and you just won’t do it ever…still, such a setup is very effective when it comes to humbling and taming your submissive. Cuckolding is 99% male fetish and they are the ones who usually initiate it. Why? I suppose being a cuckold is an ultimate way of submitting to a woman. So, I strongly advise to make such a setup, even if you will never use such privilege. Initiate talking about it, insist on semi-open relationship in which you have the right to cheat, and your sub remains a faithful doggy. In chastity. Wear that anklet, yes. Being flirted with by other men is always a nice thing for a lady 🙂

Provoke him by sending pics of the anklet whenever you are not together. Tease him about other men flirting with you when you are away. Tell him it is so hard to resist this option. It will for sure make him insane with lust.



p.s. – do not be afraid of loosing the essential emotion with your sub. After all it was all his idea at the first place, he will just love & worship you more and more and more…

I just finished up a good pegging with @sadosub. His greedy little ass hadn’t been fucked in awhile, and I felt that it was time I milked his toddler cock…. since it’s been locked for quite some time now. Hehe 😆

There are a lot of good points and ideas here … in fact I probably go along with and have done about 90% of this … it should be mentioned that it is not necessary to treat your sub or cuckold husband in a mean, non-loving way … in fact, doing “hard things” to him in a loving way can make the feelings of triad of humiliation related feelings all the more powerful. When I tease my husband, it is always lightly, but firmly. I make him (nicely) … mostly through tease and denial … beg for almost everything I actually do to him and for him …

In the beginning I did it for him as he initiated it … but as we went along and I relaxed … I began to enjoy it … a lot … my only regret is not having done it sooner … being a hotwife or dominant (in a nice way) … is an extreme turn on and I must confess that the feelings of power and greatly added to my overall confidence … go for it ladies, you won’t be disappointed !!!

The difference between a big black cock and your cuckold…

The difference between a big black cock and your cuckold husband’s little one … is amazing and hard to put into words … I have to confess … in the beginning … I thought it was just some stupid thing that for whatever reason … turned my cuckold husband on … however, after that first time … I was hooked on handsome, powerful, well-hung black guys fucking me … hard … and making my wet, hot pussy theirs … all the while my cuckold husband watched helplessly as I came … over and over … all night long … my cuckold’s little dick would get so hard watching me … hearing my moans as I got close … listening to me beg my black stud to fuck me harder … and then my screams and thrashing as I came again and again … we both knew after that first time that I would never give up big black cock or be able to go back to only fucking my cuckold husband’s little dick … it has been an amazing sexual lifestyle … my only regret is not doing it sooner !!!

Tricks of the trade …

Tricks of the trade …

All I can say … is … this has turned out to be one…

All I can say … is … this has turned out to be one of my most favorite things to do to my cuckold husband … especially when my well-hung black stud is coming over later to take care of me … it is good to be the Hotwife !!!

femyoungcuckold: But I need more a big cock. So true …


But I need more a big cock.

So true …

hotwifeandhercuckold:I haven’t yet fucked my cuckold with a…


I haven’t yet fucked my cuckold with a strapon, but I have to admit this image turns me on. I love the sight of his cock locked up in its chastity device while she’s got her much bigger cock lubed up and ready to take his asshole. The role reversal is intensely sexy. I suspect this is something that will happen before too long.

One of the best things you can do to help your husband accept his sexually inferior cuckold status … inferior as compared to my black stud at least …

tonitheblonde:“Mistress Toni approves of this…


“Mistress Toni approves of this procedure.”

Cuckold husband torture training techniques …