drivingithome: 21 Tips for Being The Boss 1) Talk with him about his fantasies. Ask him to reveal…


21 Tips for Being The Boss

1) Talk with him about his fantasies. Ask him to reveal his fantasies to you.

2) Tease him that you are only using him for practice and that you only really enjoy it when you are fucking another guy.

3) Tease his penis size and his ability to satisfy you while you talk about other, better lovers. Tell him you are only using him to practice fucking another guy.

4) Talk to him about your fantasies. Tell him some of the crazy things you fantasize about.  Don’t be shy or embarrassed, he will definitely enjoy hearing about them.

5) Stop him from making love or letting him penetrate you and make him beg for permission. Make him thank you before and afterward.

6) Describe exciting ways you’ve fucked before you met and how much you loved it.

7) Stop him when you are making love and make him pull out. Immediately Queen him (ride his face hard, as in suffocate him).  Don’t let him have any room to move his head, hold it in place forcefully and grind your pussy into his face.

8) Make him pay money for the opportunity to serve you or have sex with you.  Send him to the ATM for cash before you’ll do anything, then make it a very cold & transactional experience for him

9) Talk about other cocks when you’d like to have sex with him… let him know you would prefer something else, something better.

10) Take lots of pictures of him in exposed, sexy, humiliating and perverted situations.  

11) Wear a dildo and have him deepthroat it. After a little while when he starts to drool and take it deep, tease him verbally (“Yeah! open wide”, “take it deeper” “that’s good…. suck it harder”). Don’t be gentle, force it in. Don’t stop until he takes it all.

12) While making love, make him put a condom on.  Tell him he doesn’t get to cum in you except on special occasions, but you allow your boyfriend to cum in you when he wants. (be sure to keep the contents of the condom for later use)

13) Stop him in the middle and bring out the chastity cage and set it next to you and don’t say anything, then slowly let him continue to make love to you. He’ll wonder what you have planned

14) Force him to go down on you and lick you clean if you do let him cum in you. Make it a rule that he does every time.  Tease him that he should get used to taste cum dripping from you because next time it probably will be someone else’s cum he’ll be licking from between your legs.

15) Each time he cums, collect what you can.  You can freeze it and use it later to tease him and play with his mind.

16) Practice “Orgasm Control” training on him.  Learn how to command him to stop or ruin his orgasms.

17) Use some of the cum you saved. During a session when he’s close to orgasm, start to tell him your pussy is full of your boyfriend’s cum. Pour it over your pussy and have him lick it up slowly. While he cleans you, ask him if he likes eating other men’s cum.

18) Use one of the condoms he filled. Tease him that its a used condom from fucking your boyfriend earlier. Put it in his mouth then take a pic and tell him you’re going to send it to your boyfriend.

19) Tell him you’re going to make him watch you have sex with someone else to learn how it should be done.

20) Simply stop him in the middle of making love, make him pull out of you and tell him you don’t want to continue. Tell him his cock doesn’t satisfy you and you want a strapon instead. He’ll get to see your blissful face while his own cock flaps around uselessly.

21) Tease him about what his ex-girlfriends must have thought of him, and his pathetic fetishes.  Tell him that you’ve had a talk with one of them about his perverted secrets.  Tell him that she laughed about all the ways you humiliate him and asked if she can help humiliate him some time.  CAC

You can never have too many ideas for training your cuckold husband …

So your Husband wants to share you?



Many women can’t understand why their husband’s or boyfriend’s want to share them. 


Then, when they research the lifestyle, they see nothing but big black dudes humiliating a weak white husband. 

This is called cuckolding and, while it’s a huge turn on for some, some women do not like it because they do not like to see their husband’s as “weak.”

I’m going to take a moment to speak to those confused women now…


What your husband wants for you is completely different, sweetheart. He wants you to be his “HotWife” and he will be your “Stag.”


He will remain your alpha. Your rock. Only he will let you have sex with other men.


The thought of sharing you will still make him a little jealous, but he will channel that jealousy into raw sexual energy. Instead of becoming humiliated, he will want to put you on a pedestal and show off his sexual prowess while reclaiming you. 

You might even find him viewing your naughty pictures and videos instead of watching porn. 

He is going to become completely infatuated with you.


Once you start sleeping with other men, your husband’s testosterone levels will increase by up to 30%.


You’ll notice that your husband’s erections are stiffer and last longer. 

You’ll notice an increase in his energy and muscle mass.


This is nature’s way of producing powerful offspring. It’s called sperm competition and it is the highest honor a man can give the woman he loves.


You see sweetheart, once a male becomes married and monogamous, he loses all of nature’s benefits that make him more sexually competitive.


But you, his woman, have the ability to completely alter his hormones.

I don’t think you know how much power you have between your legs, sweetie.

Are you sure this isn’t turning you on? 


You’re going to feel like a goddess when multiple men start competing for you. Your little pussy is going to start pumping out “fuck me” pheromones and you’ll get attention on a whole new level.

Are you ready to give this a try, little vixen? 

You know you deserve this.


Send this post to your wife if you have enough confidence to share her but don’t know how to put it into words.



I agree with most of this … though there is also a humiliation component that varies from slight to high, that creates the motivation and higher sex drive … and a good hotwife can channel some of this sexual energy into greater obedience increasing the cuckold angst part of his experience … my cuckold is an alpha in all respects EXCEPT the bedroom … and while there is a reclaiming component … I have used a lot of that intense sexual desire in edging and intensifying the cuckold feelings rather than letting him release those feelings through alpha actions …

Regardless, there are so many flavors of hotwife and so many flavors of cuckold … experimenting is half the fun as you will be surprised what you may discover is actually very hot !!!

Just saying this to my cuckold husband can make him cum ……

Just saying this to my cuckold husband can make him cum … his little dick which my one hand can almost completely cover up get so hard and excited … he can’t hide how much it turns him on … which is something I never fail to not tease him about … I mean, what kind of husband gets excited seeing a bigger, better cock satisfy his wife ??? As I said, he has been well trained and conditioned … to be mine … completely mine … ruined from all other women … it is good to be the hotwife !!!

My cuckold husband is very good at this … he can put me…

My cuckold husband is very good at this … he can put me (and him) into some amazing fantasy situations that get my pussy so hot … I especially like it when he edges me … making me want to cum so bad … until he makes me confess how badly I want to fuck my black stud … how much I have been thinking about his big black cock deep inside my tight pussy … making me cum and cum and cum … it is good to be the Hotwife !!!

This is possible … but in my experience it takes quite…

This is possible … but in my experience it takes quite awhile to get him to that specific mental state … but if you  continue to fuck his ass … long and hard … you will make him your completely …

This is also the perfect way to train your cuckold husband to…

This is also the perfect way to train your cuckold husband to take bigger and bigger dildos deep in his ass … first, you edge him over and over again … while teasing him about his hottest cuckold fantasy or your hottest hotwife fantasy or even some hot sex you had in your past with a sexually superior guy … when he is hard and close to cumming …

Then you insert a smaller dildo (with plenty of lube) … and fuck his ass until he goes soft …

Then repeat … over and over … until sooner than you might expect … he will need to cum so badly … that he will cum from you fucking his ass … which in and of itself will be quite humiliating for him and a clear sing that you are making him yours …

Over time … you can make the dildos bigger and bigger … eventually training him to stay hard while you fuck his ass … at which time you alternate … edging him with your hand … then edging him with your big dildo cock … soon he will do anything for you … to prove that he is yours … completely …

It is good to be the Hotwife !!!