onlyshecums:Nice collection of sexy key holders. The “Love” and…


Nice collection of sexy key holders. The “Love” and “Hope” charms capture it all.

She leaves the house and goes about her day proudly displaying the keys to her control over you and your caged penis. She has you under lock and key. Increasingly, people who see her will know what that key means. They will understand how she controls and owns you. Happy Cuckolding!

dirtygirlzincontrol: You’re right Baby… I did promise you that…


You’re right Baby… I did promise you that you could cum today, didn’t I

openmarriageandcuckold: “Now, be a good boy and do everything I…


“Now, be a good boy and do everything I wrote on that list. 

When I get back tomorrow morning I’ll tell you all about my date.

Sorry about the cage but I don’t want you to masturbate all night, you have got work to do.”

Sometimes you don’t get any pussy. Not today, not this…

Sometimes you don’t get any pussy. Not today, not this week, but because she loves you, you still get to enjoy some time between her legs.

Make it happen


As we say goodbye to 2017 and usher in a new year, there is no better time to to make fantasy reality. You’ve undoubtedly experimented and toyed with the idea of male chastity and have hopefully realized some of the benefits it brings. Now is the time to make it a real full time part of your relationship. I’ve mentioned before how chastity and orgasm control are the cornerstones top a successful Female Led Relationship. Join the thousands of other women who have turned fantasy play and part time fun, into a full time, permanent lifestyle. You’ve delayed it enough. Make the decision to change both of your lives for the better.

If you’re serious about making this happen, lock the cock tonight before the New Year begins. As you usher 2017 in he should be locked, shaved (if you prefer that, it sure helps him be more comfortable), and pantied. Put the key around your neck. Or on an anklet. As the ball drops and you have your first kiss of 2017 – you are doing so knowing that 2017 has the potential to be the year that roles are defined permanently. This can be a significant moment for both of you. A turning point. And if you are serious – there will be no going back. His submission to you will move from part time to permanent, Control of his cock is no longer an option for him. Make the decision. He should not even be able to achieve an erection, without your consent.


Make sure you are both aware of the significance of that first New Year kiss and the few lingering moments as reality settles in. Fondle your key. Reinforce what he already knows. Be prepared for some difficult conversations. Some whining. Some complaints of pain or irritation. These are all obstacles that can and will be overcome. Celebrate his first 24 hours in chastity. It is truly a landmark occasion. Then his first week a huge achievement. A milestone indeed. Decide how often you want to permit an erection. What about an orgasm? Weekly? Monthly? Keep notes on his progress. You’ll soon learn when that sweet spot is. When does his submission to you max out? 

For most healthy and sexually active men, a monthly orgasm is reasonable. This doesn’t mean he can’t be released more often, but from here on out, those are your decisions, not his. 

Toss out or lock up any male underwear that he still may have. Watch his expression, his body language,his attitude as reality sets in for him. Explore and be aware of your own feelings. The feeling of power, authority, liberation. Be cognizant of the new spark in your relationship. Observe how the bond strengthens with each day. His love and admiration for you will grow, as will yours for him. 


If you choose it to be, 2017 can be the year that all your wishes come true and you begin to mold your relationship into one you and thousand of other women have dreamed of. 

I wish you all a very happy New Years!